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THE 'Mini' ZEN
Experience a modified version (no massage) of our signature session to truly bring out your inner Zen. It includes a custom guided meditation, chakra assessment & balance, aromatherapy, crystals, sound healing, and energy work.

$105, $125
60, 90 minutes
$20 per additional participant
(If more than 1 person, must be 90 min session)

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Relax your mind, body, and spirit with a guided meditation session customized just for you: stress relief, healing, connection and more. No experience neccesary.

$45, $60
60, 90 minutes
$10 per additional participant

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Feel and discover the power of vibration. Go on our unique journey with singing bowls, drums, and other healing sounds that are sure to send you into an extraordinary state.

$45, $60
60, 90 minutes
$10 per additional participant

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We all have spiritual, emotional, and energetic bodies that go beyond the physical. Energy work, similar to Reiki, channels divine energy and life force to bring about healing on all levels.

$45, $60
60, 90 minutes
$10 per additional participant

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Mindfulness and well-being are important in raising healthy kids. Set up a session at our studio or bring our wellness services directly into your home, school, or daycare. Customize a mindfulness plan for your little ones, teens, and young adults.

Join Miss Marissa's
Mindful Kids!

Girls at Bachelorette Party

Make your next event more memorable and meaningful! Add our touch of zen to a wedding celebration, baby shower, girls night, or any occasion. Options like 
sound healing, spiritual ceremonies, blessings, and more.

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