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Toddlers and Family Yoga

Yoga & Mindfulness for Families
10am - Toddlers and Adult (Ages 3-5)
11am - Kids and Adult (Ages 6
Saturday, February 11

Saturday, February 25
Saturday, March 11
Saturday, March 25


Miss Marissa is all about creating a fun, healthy and positive learning space for kids and families! Wellness is so important these days for busy families. This is the perfect class to care for yourself and your family on a holistic level -- physically, mentally, and emotionally.  This is a wonderful way to have fun, be healthy, connect and make awesome family memories!

Mindfulness is about paying attention or being aware of what's going on right now inside us and outside us.  


When kids are aware of their bodies and minds, in the present moment, they are more resilient and better equipped to handle life's challenges.


Miss Marissa typically breaks the class into 4 sections. 

Mindfulness Tool of the Day

Kids will learn simple mindfulness tools such as calming techniques; healthy communication; healthy eating;

happy sleeps; recognizing and handling big emotions; positive mindset; gratitude; compassion for yourself and others; being and loving your unique self.



Kids will learn and practice breathing techniques to help kids focus, calm themselves and ground/center themselves.


It's time to move our bodies with Yoga, Stretch, and Dance!


Sound Therapy & Play

Miss Marissa will use instruments like crystal singing bowls, rattles and rainsticks to help relax and calm the kids. Kids are mesmerized by the instruments and the sounds.

Miss Marissa will give the kids a chance to play some of the shakers and percussion instruments. This is typically their favorite part of the class!


Please bring water!

Feel free to bring your yoga mat!

We will be happy to provide mats if needed.

Dress in layers!

We will move our bodies during yoga and so the kids may get hot. And then during sound healing, we lie down and so the kids may get cold. Feel free to bring warm socks!

We do have thick blankets in case they need more layers.

We will make sure they are comfy & cozy!


10am - Toddlers and Adult

Recommended for ages 3-5 years old. 

Child must be accompanied by an adult.

11am - Kids and Adult

Recommended for ages 6-12 years old.

Child must be accompanied by an adult.


Cost for 1 class: $22 for 1 child and adult

If you would like to purchase multiple class dates, please contact Marissa for a link to pay online or pay before class.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Marissa,

co-owner of Zen Den, at 518-250-9624!

Flirty and Fun Burlesque
Dance Class and Photoshoot

Thursday, February 16
Tuesday, February 21
7pm - 8

Join us for Burlesque! This is a flirty and fun dance class for all levels and abilities. If you are feeling up to it, end class with a sexy photoshoot. 

Add some sass to your week! Let your inner Diva shine!

We will start the class with a wonderful warm up and full body stretch. Then it's on to learning some sensual and flirty burlesque dance moves.  Then its on to an easy-to-learn,

sassy dance with a lot of burlesque bopping, bumping, shimmy and shaking!

We will dance to Michael Buble's "Feeling Good".


Zen Den is a judgement free and inclusive community!


This class is a low impact total body workout.

 Perfect for all fitness levels!

We foster a positive, inclusive and supportive community.

All bodies are welcome!


What to bring/wear:


Please bring water! 

Please wear layers!

Our studio has large windows and this impacts the temperature in our room. Sometimes it can be super warm or super cold depending on the temp outside. So please wear layers!

You can go barefoot, wear socks or dance shoes. If you want to wear sneakers, please make sure they are clean and haven't been worn outside. 

Please wear pants, shorts or a skirt that allows you to stretch.

Feel free to wear anything that makes you feel SEXY and SASSY!


Class #1 - Learn first half of dance

Class #2 - Learn second half of dance

It's recommended to come to both classes but if you can only come to one, no problem!

$24 for both classes (Feb 16 and 21)

$14 for 1 class (Feb 16 OR Feb 21)

Soothing Soundbath
Thursday, February 23
7pm - 8pm

Join us for a soothing night of sound healing and leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and back into balance.

At a soundbath, you are "bathed" in sound waves. These wave and vibrations are made from different instruments including crystal singing bowls, metal Tibetan bowls, flutes, chimes, drums, rattles and even the human voice.

We will make sure you are super comfortable as you lay in a zero gravity chair (or thick yoga mats on floor) with warm, soft blankets, pillows and an eye mask. 

Listen, relax, and let the sound do its work!

At Zen Den, our Instruments that may be used include:

Didgeridoo ~ Crystal Singing Bowls ~ Tibetan Bowls ~ Flute

Koshi Chimes ~ Buffalo Drums ~ Rainstick ~ Rattles

Benefits of a soundbath and sound vibration include:

Deep Relaxation ~ Better Sleep ~ Stress Relief

Balance & Clarity ~ Expansion of Consciousness

Other techniques we may use during the Soundbath include: guided meditation, breath work, grounding, journaling, aromatherapy, energetic cleansing, mantras, and more. 


Water, eye mask, blanket, small pillow.

While Zen Den does have many of these items for you to use, items are limited. Again, the more comfortable you are, the better the experience!

Cost: $24


Seating is limited and so

tickets must be purchased in advance! First 8 people to sign up will have zero gravity chair reserved. 

Acupuncture + Soundbath
Sunday, March 12
7pm - 8:30pm

Experience the revitalizing power of the combination of two ancient healing modalities! 


Acupuncture and vibrational sound therapy are ancient forms of energy medicine. When our energy flows unimpeded, we experience optimal health. When our energy is blocked, we become compromised and unhealthy. Acupuncture and Sound Healing will help your body, mind and heart come back into balance and feeling whole again.

While you are "bathing" in the soothing sound vibrations, Acupuncturist Cassandra Dugan will offer auricular acupuncture. Auricular acupuncture is a technique involving the stimulation of the specific points on the ear.

The whisker-like antenna needles of acupuncture combined with sound healing will channel the healing vibrations throughout your body.

Benefits of combining acupuncture and sound healing include:

Relieves anxiety and stress; aids in complete relaxation

Activates higher states of consciousness

Promotes a deep meditative state by heightening clarity and improving ability to concentrate

Promotes higher quality sleep

Relieves physical pain by restoring the body's natural healing cycles.

Unlocks blocked emotional states and releases emotional trauma


The more comfortable and cozy you are, the better the experience! We recommend that you bring water, pillow, bolster, blanket, eye mask, etc.

While Zen Den does have many of these items for you to use, items are limited.

The first 8 people who sign up will have use of zero gravity chair.  Otherwise, we will make sure you are super comfortable on thick yoga mats with pillows, blankets and bolster.

Cost: $45

Please sign up in advance!

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